Mediation: A Viable Alternative 

A contentious dispute over any divorce or family law issue — child access, property division or financial support — does not have to be resolved during stressful, expensive and time-consuming litigation in court.

An Effective Alternative

The viable alternative to this approach is mediation: a process that encourages free exchanges of ideas, a tone of cooperation for the future and less emotional turmoil for children caught in the middle of disagreements between divorcing parents and other family members.

At Bryant & Bleier, LLP, our skilled family law lawyers bring decades of combined experience to formulate practical solutions to your legal crises. We know how to locate common ground and help you “talk it out,” paving the way for a unifying, brighter future for you and your loved ones.

Positive Outcomes For You And Your Family

It is a well-established fact that the vast majority of cases settle before a trial can occur. Our attorneys are certified mediators, experienced in collaborative law. We regularly resolve complex matters through mediation, in ways that can actually unify loved ones who were previously at odds.

Most importantly, our mediators know the law inside and out. We are prepared to draft full agreements written to withstand the scrutiny of the court. We regularly draft agreements that address the long-term and short-term concerns and goals of the parties, often raising issues neither side had considered.

Prenuptial Mediation

While it is always recommended that each party to a contract retain an attorney, many couples find that prenuptial or postnuptial mediation offers a non-adversarial and effective way to reach an agreement. The experienced mediators at Bryant & Bleier, LLP, regularly mediate prenuptial agreements that meet our clients’ particular needs and expectations.

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