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Dedicated To You
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Dedicated To You
And Your Family

Skilled Legal Counsel For High-Asset Divorce

Whether initiated by you or your spouse, a divorce or separation can turn your life upside down. When you are a high net worth individual, details of your divorce or separation can get even more complicated. Bryant & Bleier, LLP, offers experienced legal representation to advocate for you throughout the divorce process. At our firm, you work with an attorney who provides compassionate guidance.

Important Concerns

Here are actions we feel are essential to ensure that you have an optimal chance for a fair distribution of property and assets in an equitable distribution state such as New York:

  • Locating all assets
  • Identifying marital and separate property
  • Valuing property, including businesses and professional practices
  • Planning for your financial future, especially retirement accounts and deferred tax planning

Our experience and detail orientation in high-asset division cases can make the process as easy as possible.

Keeping Costs In Check

We want to help you make sure that legal costs do not spiral out of control. At Bryant & Bleier, LLP, we will give you counsel about how to make effective rather than expensive decisions based on your situation and goals. That way you can more fully fund life’s milestone events such as your children’s college, your son’s bar mitzvah, your daughter’s wedding and your retirement instead of squandering it away on expert fees, counsel fees, appraisals and court appearances about asset division.

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