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Dedicated To You
And Your Family

The Reality Of Uncontested Divorces

The New York State Unified Court System allows people who are looking to start a divorce action to file the paperwork with the court without an attorney involved. This is a route to be taken with great caution because the paperwork is often rejected for reasons that are confusing to non-matrimonial attorneys. Even attorneys who practice other areas of law often find the uncontested divorce procedures to be complex.

Divorce actions are considered uncontested until the parties make their first court appearance.

In cases where:

  • there is little or no property subject to equitable distribution, or the parties are already in agreement as to the division of property; and
  • the parties agree on issues pertaining to custody, child support or visitation; and
  • there is a wish to not go to court to settle the divorce;

an uncontested divorce is the appropriate route in which to divorce.

Bryant & Bleier, LLP, in New York is an able and efficient divorce resource for drafting your settlement agreement and filing your uncontested divorce in all five boroughs, Westchester, and Long Island.

When Attorney Involvement Is Beneficial

If you have parenting or economic issues to work out with your spouse, and there is no domestic violence or abuse, you may want to consider the limited involvement of attorneys for the purpose of mediation or collaborative law. There are a variety of ways in which limited attorney involvement can improve the communication between you and your spouse, in particular, if there are children involved.

Attorney involvement in an uncontested divorce will likely reduce the cost, stress and trauma of divorce on the entire family unit. Given the fact that mistakes in filing uncontested divorces can not only be costly in court fees but also delay a divorce for three to six months or more, it makes sense to retain a family law lawyer for your uncontested divorce.

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