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Dedicated To You
And Your Family

Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

There’s something every engaged couple in New York needs to consider: Everyone who gets married has a prenup; it’s called the Domestic Relations Law.

 This ‘default prenup’ is drafted and revised by the members of the New York State Legislature. So, unless you’re a matrimonial attorney, you probably do not know what you are agreeing to when you get married; and if you are a matrimonial attorney, you know the law changes over time.

At the family law firm of Bryant & Bleier, LLP, our attorneys are highly proficient at crafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that are personalized to a client or couple’s unique situation. We regularly provided quality legal services like these for a diverse matrimonial law clientele. Our firm represents divorce and family law clients in all five boroughs, in Westchester and Long Island.

These agreements let you and your fiancé determine the best way to protect each other, rather than hurt each other, should your marriage come to an end.

Prenuptial agreements do more than just delineate how assets and debts will be divide or lay out terms for maintenance in the event of a divorce. They provide couples an opportunity to discuss their future in ways they often have not considered. Clients often cite to us how the prenuptial agreement process opened the door for them to discuss one another’s expectations for the marriage and their family’s future.

Prenuptial Mediation

While it is always recommended that each party to a contract retain an attorney, many couples find that prenuptial and postnuptial mediation offers a non-adversarial and effective way to reach an agreement. The experienced mediators at Bryant & Bleier, LLP, regularly mediate prenuptial agreements that meet our clients’ particular needs and expectations.

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