The Facts You Need About Child Support

Are you a divorced, custodial or noncustodial parent who is unclear on the subject of financial support for your child or children? We are the experienced divorce attorneys of Bryant & Bleier, LLP, serving clients in all five boroughs, Westchester and Long Island. We know the statutes and strategies, the recommendations and responsive personal service that get results for any family law issue, including child support and alimony.

Skilled Modification Services

Additionally, our law firm works hard to expedite or contest requests for modifications of child support when a job is lost or the payer is hospitalized with a serious illness, to name just two examples of sudden, substantial changes in circumstance. We do our homework, provide accurate accounting and are fully prepared to advocate for clients when disputes arise over sources of income that should be a factor in determining levels of support.

Generating Solid Divorce Agreements

All responsibilities of the parties, child custody and financial, should be clearly spelled out in any agreement. Our respected New York City divorce and family law firm is here to apply the facts of your specific case to the state’s income-based calculations for child support as part of a comprehensive divorce agreement.

Access Legal Advice Today

Our signature legal guidance can lead to sound decisions for every phase of your uncontested, contested or high net worth divorce. To discuss these important considerations in an informative and free initial consultation, call Bryant & Bleier, LLP, at 646-561-9227 or contact by email message.