Post-Judgment Enforcement And Modifications

If you have been divorced, and especially if that divorce featured disagreements over child custody and parenting time, you may not believe this, but no divorce is ever really "final." Those children get older, and their needs change. Your jobs are won and lost. Relocations outside New York State are often necessary. And for any of these sudden, substantial changes in circumstances, and those developing over time, revisions to divorce settlement agreements are often necessary.

These changes are called "modifications," affecting custody and visitation arrangements, the ability to contribute financial support and attempts to establish new residences for custodial and noncustodial parents.

Are you about to request or contest a post-judgment modification of any aspect of your divorce? We can help — at the Bryant & Bleier, LLP, law firm in New York City. Our knowledgeable divorce and family attorneys work hard to smoothly transition the families of divorce in all five boroughs, Westchester and Long Island.

We can strive to expedite or fight any move to change a settlement agreement. We also represent client goals that include court-ordered enforcements of post-decree responsibilities, in the event that custody, parenting time or support obligations have been overlooked or ignored.

Our respected legal team looks forward to hearing you describe your modification or enforcement objectives during an initial consultation at our law offices. An appointment for that critical first meeting can be arranged right now — by phone at 646-561-9227 or by email message from this website.