Step-parent Adoption

In recent years, statistics have shown that the step-parent/step-child relationship has become as emotionally strong as those that children enjoy with their biological parents.

In fact, many step-parents are reported to have formed stronger bonds with step-children than the bond a birth parent has when he or she is no longer actively involved in a child's life.

Therefore, step-parent adoption has become a common means of legalizing, formalizing and honoring that relationship. And who can skillfully, compassionately and expertly assist step-parents with the goal of legally adopting a step-child? — an experienced adoption law attorney.

At the nationally recognized adoption law firm of Greenberg Bryant & Bleier, LLP, our acclaimed family lawyers have successfully represented many hundreds of step-parents throughout New York City and New York state.

Clifford L. Greenberg, Esq., leads our adoption practice. This dedicated legal adviser has been recognized in adoption law circles statewide for his ability to aggressively advocate for step-parent adoption and relative adoption candidates. Some step-parent adoptions can be consensual, where the birth parent agrees to surrender his/her parental rights. However, some birth parents refuse to do so, and in those cases, our firm has extensive litigation experience and in-depth knowledge of step-parent adoption laws and we will zealously advocate for your rights and protect the best interests of the child at all times.

Mr. Greenberg's adoption law experience, reputation for results and numerous professional recognitions include:

  • Thousands of adoptions successfully handled, locally and statewide
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys
  • US Congress Angels in Adoption Institute, Congressional Coalition for Adoption, Angels in Adoption award 2011
  • Compassionate Service Award, NYS Foster and Adoptive Parent Association 2010
  • Guest lecturer at numerous foster care agencies and adoption conferences, including LGBT centers in New York City, Long Island, Westchester and upstate New York
  • SuperLawyers 2014 to 2018

Our law firm welcomes the opportunity to help you complete a consensual step-parent adoption or guide you in the process of terminating a birth parent's parental rights in order to legally free a child for adoption. We are there for you every step of the way.

Are You Pursuing A Stepparent Adoption Anywhere In New York State? Greenberg Bryant & Bleier, LLP, Can Help.

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