Private Adoption

At the premier New York City and statewide adoption law firm of Greenberg Bryant & Bleier, LLP, our attorneys have decades of combined experience with the successful execution and finalizing of private independent adoptions.

Private placement adoptions are arranged through direct communication between consenting biological and adoptive parents without an agency acting as an intermediary. Adoptive parents and birth parents learn of each other in many ways, including personal connections and advertising in print and more frequently, on the internet.

Private placement adoption is a highly specialized area and it is essential to hire an experienced adoption attorney. The cost is usually less than the agency adoption, and though it varies greatly, it generally costs between $15,000 and $30,000. These are adoptions of children in which adoption agencies play no role.

Private Agency Adoptions

Many families choose to work with a licensed adoption agency. The agency provides support, counseling and coaching while working to match you with a birth parent.

At Greenberg Bryant & Bleier, LLP, the agencies we work with are caring and compassionate, and have committed social workers who are very helpful. If there are any issues as you deal with the agency's social workers, remember that the agency has its own attorney — and we, as your attorneys, will always be there for you.

Agency adoptions are recommended for prospective adoptive parents who want to let go of the reins and let legitimate adoption professionals do most of the work. Each agency has its own rules and requirements for prospective adoptive parents. If you wish to adopt a newborn, it may require a long period of time. But every case is different.

Most agencies practice open adoption, a factor you will need to consider as the process takes place. Openness is a personal decision regarding the degree of contact you may allow the birth parents to have after an adoption, if at all. It is an important path that the agency and our office can help you navigate.

Once a child has been placed with you, our lawyers prepare all documents for submission to the court, thus ensuring a very happy experience during your journey through the legal system.

High-Quality Private Adoption Legal Services Dedicated To Birth Parents and their Families

Considering placing your child for adoption? You deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion as you embark upon an extraordinarily emotional journey. Making the decision to place your child for adoption is a courageous, selfless and compassionate choice, and you deserve to be represented by an attorney who understands that you are making a loving adoption decision for your child.

We are extremely proud of the careful, compassionate guidance we provide to birth mothers and adoptive parents, as well as to clients seeking step-parent, same-sex, kinship, foster parent, adult and newborn adoptions.

Clifford L. Greenberg, Esq., has been honored for his dedication to adoptions by many organizations, including:

  • Thousands of adoptions handled locally and throughout the country
  • Fellow of the prestigious American Academy of Adoption Attorneys
  • Angels in Adoption, Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, Angels in Adoption award winner 2011
  • Compassionate Service Award, NYS Foster and Adoptive Parent Association 2010
  • Guest lecturer at numerous adoption agencies and adoption conferences, including LGBT centers in New York City, Long Island, Westchester and upstate New York
  • Board member of New York State Foster and Adoptive Parents Association
  • Outstanding service award from several foster care agencies
  • SuperLawyers 2014 to 2018

When you decide to grow your family through adoption of any kind, come to the lawyers with a sterling statewide, national and international reputation. Come to Greenberg Bryant & Bleier, LLP.

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