Child Custody

Whether you are a parent about to be divorced, seeking the rights of a custodial parent or a parent seeking increased parenting time, you could benefit from the attention and advocacy of an experienced divorce and family law attorney.

These are the kinds of situations in which our lawyers thrive. We educate, advocate and negotiate in our diverse divorce clientele's best interests.

We are all well-aware that, regardless of the amount of money and potential ownership of marital property at stake in a contested or high-asset divorce, the "red flag" issue is almost always access to the children of a broken relationship. We listen carefully to your account of circumstances leading to your separation, to your objectives and your view of the future. We then do the research, crunch the numbers and come back with insightful recommendations that can translate to an effective course of action.

Child Custody And Visitation Rights Solutions Dedicated To You And Your Family In New York City, Westchester And Long Island

Are you struggling with a battle over sole custody, joint custody or shared custody of a child or children during divorce?

Are you already divorced but presented with the need to relocate out of state for job-seeking, business or military service reasons, requiring a modification of the custody or parenting time provisions of your divorce settlement agreement?

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