New York Appellate Attorney for Divorce and Family Law Matters

Effective Representation in Matrimonial and Family Law Appeals

Judges and referees are human, and sometimes they get it wrong. With complex divorce and family law matters, there is potential for the trier of fact to make a mistake that results in an undesirable outcome for your case. Whether it's an unfavorable decision at the conclusion of motion practice, or at the conclusion of hearing and/or trial, you have the right to appeal that judge or referee's decision to a higher court.

Appealable divorce and family law matters may involve issues of property distribution, maintenance, child custody, and more. You may appeal interim decisions ("pendent lite" decisions), as well as final decisions after the completion of a trial. While your appeal is pending, you may also seek a "stay" of an order, which stops the enforcement of the lower court order pending the outcome of an appeal.

While you may have the right to appeal an unfavorable ruling, you must decide if it is beneficial and cost effective to do so. In making the decision of whether to proceed, thorough knowledge of the appellate procedure is absolutely essential. At Bryant & Bleier, LLP, we will take the time to thoroughly review your potential appeal and provide you with the information you need to come to a decision as to whether to proceed.

At Bryant & Bleier, LLP, we have extensive experience representing both men and women at all stages of divorce and family law appeals from filing your Notice of Appeal, to seeking a stay at the Appellate Division through the drafting and filing of an Order to Show Cause, through oral argument after drafting the legal brief submission. We have a comprehensive understanding of matrimonial and family law and how the appellate courts have interpreted those laws over time. We have extensive experience conducting legal research and writing strong appellate legal briefs. Our record of success is a testament to our skills in both written and oral advocacy.

For an experienced appellate lawyer who confidently handles divorce and family law appellate matters, contact us to arrange a confidential consultation.