Same-Sex Adoption

At the New York adoption law firm of Greenberg Bryant & Bleier, LLP, our attorneys' decades of combined experience and keen client commitment can benefit same-sex couples who are pursuing adoptions in all five boroughs, Westchester County, on Long Island and statewide.

It goes without saying that LGBTQ couples should have the absolute right to adopt a child. To that end, we have assisted many individuals, couples and families, to navigate the adoption process as smoothly and successfully as possible.

Our lawyers routinely and expertly handle the twists and turns that adoption cases can take. Those we serve look to us for the one-on-one personal attention and genuine understanding that has consistently led to positive results and the formation of happy families.

Clifford L. Greenberg, Esq., leads our adoption practice at Greenberg Bryant & Bleier, LLP. He works hard to familiarize your family with how same-sex adoption has blossomed and changed over the past few years. We help our clients make the soundest decisions with a consistent focus on the best interest of the child. Your family will be treated with the respect and dignity that all families deserve. As evidenced by his two children's books on same-sex adoption and marriage, respectively, Cliff feels, quite simply, that same-sex equality is the civil rights movement of our generation.

Mr. Greenberg's adoption law experience, track record and accolades are well-known locally and statewide, including:

  • Angels in Adoption, Congressional Coalition for Adoption Institute, Angels in Adoption award 2011
  • Service Award, NYS Foster and Adoptive Parent Association 2010
  • SuperLawyers award from 2014 to 2018 as one of New York's top adoption lawyers
  • Guest lecturer at numerous foster care agencies and adoption conferences, including LGBT centers in New York City, Long Island, Westchester and upstate New York
  • Fellow of the prestigious American Academy of Adoption Attorneys
  • Author of six children's books on adoption

Adoption Legal Leadership Dedicated To You And Your Family In New York City And Statewide

Clifford L. Greenberg is a compassionate, experienced adoption lawyer who empathizes with the unique family-building objectives of same-sex couples. Even if you are named as a parent on your child's birth certificate, your parental status may not be secure. Birth certificates are not proof of parentage, and marriage to your spouse when your child was born will not ensure that your parental rights will be recognized. In today's uncertain political climate, adoption lawyers and social workers highly recommend that you explore the option of obtaining a court order through adoption, which must be recognized by every state in the U.S. It is essential that you retain a highly qualified adoption attorney in order to achieve this goal.

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