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Our respected law firm is well-known for its longstanding commitment to protecting the rights, freedoms, finances and futures of a diverse clientele. We provide solid counsel before, during and after a divorce; act swiftly to promote your safety after an episode of domestic violence; work hard to expedite your adoption goals by providing you with guidance throughout the adoption process; carefully craft and negotiate your prenuptial agreement; and do everything possible to resolve your matter efficiently.

These Bryant & Bleier, LLP, attorneys embody decades of family law, divorce and adoption legal experience.

Legal Services Dedicated To You And Your Family In New York City, Westchester And Long Island

Are you embroiled in disagreements with a former spouse over matters of child access, equitable distribution or alimony? How can your interests be protected by a prenuptial agreement?

Are you seeking a modification of your divorce settlement agreement based on a sudden, substantial change in circumstance such as a lost job, business relocation or illness?

Are you pursuing an expansion of your family through adoption? Is it a private, same-sex, stepparent or adult adoption? For those children in foster care, are you looking for New York City's best lawyer for foster care adoptions and Kinship & Guardianship cases?

For these and any other family law goal, Bryant & Bleier, LLP, is one of New York's most recognized accomplished and honored Family Law firms.

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