We are Article 47 Compliance Experts

If you are the owner or operator of a day care facility in New York City, there is no asset more precious and critical to your business than your permit. Unfortunately, for day care operators, Article 47 is a hodge podge of law that is difficult to understand, much less implement effectively.  It is challenging to enforce some of the policies as written.

The Bureau of Child Care, under the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (the "Department," or "DOHMH") is charged with enforcing Article 47 ("Day Care Services") of the Health Code. All day care ooperations in the City of New York must be fully compliant with all aspects of Article 47 at all times in order to maintain their permit. As a day care owner, obtaining a permit is just the beginning.  Keeping your permit and your track record clean is imperative to the success of your business.  Because our children are our most valuable asset in society, Article 47 is under constant review by the DOHMH, which is a technical regulatory body.  At the law firm of Bryant & Bleier, LLP our attorneys know Article 47.  We will conduct an on site assessment of not only your compliance with Article 47, but also your overall business operation.  Lawyers and non-lawyers alike often find that the requirements of Article 47 are difficult to understand.  For a day care owner, director or educational director it is of the utmost importance to stay far ahead of the expectations and changes in Article 47 before the Bureau of Child Care visits your child care center to assess your compliance with the protocols of Article 47.  

    We will help you:
     - Develop a safety plan that works for you, the Department of Health, the children in your care, and the employees.
    - Develop a business plan that enables you and your employees to operate a vibrant, and safe childcare facility 
    - Create employee protocols, handbooks, training policies and procedures.
    - Train your employees from the interview process, and pre-hire background checks, through training and subsequent evaluation                 

    - Employee motivation and supervision.
    - Ensure that you are compliant with all aspects of Article 47.